National Careers Week

Careers education information advice and guidance has always been one of my core values. The more I have experienced and worked in this area the more I have come to the conclusion this is a complex and not a straightforward. It requires all of us to work together in order to support our young people to make informed decisions. We all have a role to play in helping to prepare them for their futures. That’s why I am taking an active role in Careers Week.  

There is extensive evidence from recent research from the Education Employers Taskforce and the OCED that CEIAG needs to improve to ensure young people will benefit from quality, meaningful interactions that help them understand the links between courses, skills and the pathways they open up. I really like this illustration by the talented @ByranMMathers

National Careers Week has been all about empowering schools, colleges, Universities, Teachers and Careers Professionals across the UK to celebrate quality CEIAG for at least one full week every year, irrespective of their current activities or lack of funding and resources in this area.

As we look forward to #NCW2018 we are excited to announce an experienced, dynamic and innovative team embarking on a new strategy to:

“Make Every Week Careers Week”.

Careers Week encourages education providers to bring together students, local employers and advisers through careers events and activities.  The aim of this week is to empower individuals and establishments to come together through events and activities in their respective communities to celebrate the broad range of career opportunities in the UK. At a time of limited budgets to Careers Education (although this appears to be changing), Information, Advice and Guidance combined with the current levels of youth unemployment there has never been a bigger need for careers guidance to be promoted and celebrated in education.

Careers Week also provides a platform for highlighting future careers and progression routes. When young people enter future employment, they will need to develop their skills such as presentation, teamwork, leadership, literacy, numeracy and communication.

For #NCW2018 we are planning to create content which is specifically aimed at trigger times throughout the academic calendar; we are exploring NCW branded materials to help Teachers and Students for Options and also enable Subject Teachers to deliver short programmes linking academic subjects to the world of work. The new website launches on Monday 12th September with a free Careers Guide for all levels of leadership. We are also developing free resources to support the week but also the CEIAG programme.

We estimate that over 1 million young students across the UK once again celebrated quality CEIAG activity and interventions directly because of the NCW campaign, supported by an incredible Social Media campaign which continues to be a major driver for the exponential growth of National Careers Week as a recognised quality brand in the UK’s Education arena.

Careers Week needs you.  Get involved!

#NCW20181 5 – 10th March 2018

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