I was once told – You’re not ready!

You are probably thinking what an odd title for a blog post. Let me explain a little more. I have been an AHT for nearly 20 months now. However I was told that 2 years ago I wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t make it. Not enough experience, lack of understanding and no faith I could do the job. Ok I thought having only been on teaching for 6 years I can see some reason why but I feel ready. I’m not going to go into the details of who, why etc. However there are key things I have learnt from this experience.

Is this a familiar story? When I look back and reflect that was someone else’s opinion of me and not mine.  There are things that you can control and things you have got to accept you simply can’t.


Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you change your reality.

Experience vs Learning. Are you inexperienced? Yes but what you lack in experience you can make up in learning. Reading, listening, living it and learning on the job.

I applied for a role I had limited experience in, why? Some people thought I was mad. The reasons for me were very logical. I wanted to gain experience.

Do you feel ready? I did, I wanted a new challenge. I could have quite easily stayed in my previous role but feel I wanted to develop and grow. In a time when there are constant reminders of teacher shortages, in the fullness of time will this transpire into a shortage of future leaders?

The biggest thing I have learnt as a leader, it’s actually not about you. It’s about enabling others to be the best they can be.

How do you help to contribute to create that environment?

How do your empower and instil a sense of hope, inspiration?

What are you core values and moral purpose?

How do you challenge but balance with support?

Do have those difficult conversations or shirk them?

Listening and sometimes hearing things you really don’t want to hear. Communication is not a one-way process! This is leadership.


Sometimes people can say hurtful things to put you off balance. In the right forum, professional support and guidance can help you decide your future. It’s ok to say maybe not yet but what support, coaching, training or mentoring can they offer to get you there? Ultimately it’s your decision what you do with your future. I’m fortunate I had others who believed in me and continue to back me to this day. Review your network, what do people you genuinely trust think? It is also worth remembering that experiencing poor leadership often makes you a better leader. Although it may not feel like it at the time but you come out stronger.  As @SimonSinek reminds us you don’t have to pretend you know everything.