16 Lessons in Leading Teaching and Learning

 Below are 16 lessons I have learnt leading Teaching and Learning:

1. Our greatest asset is our staff. Spend time developing and supporting them.

2. Core values – This has really shaped my thinking since taking on the role. Having recently completed Simon Sinek’s online course, here’s my why:

3. Listen, listen and listen again. Be prepared to be wrong and don’t be afraid to let people know you have been wrong because you simply can’t have all the answers.

4. It’s not about me. Creating the environment for others to thrive and grow is key.

5. Peter Drucker states ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to ‘get it right’. Getting colleagues views, considering timings and getting opinions is extremely important. Also, never forgetting what it’s like to teach a full timetable.

6. Serendipity can’t happen stuck behind your desk. The heart of Teaching and Learning is getting out into classrooms and seeing first hand what’s going on and supporting staff.

7. There are no tick boxes. Teaching and Learning is complex and is ever evolving. Transformation takes time and should involve everyone. As Michael Fullan’s states:

8. I have never read as much because it’s vital to never stop learning. I try to keep up to date with current ideas and this challenges my thinking. There are so many great people and books out that there you can learn from.

9. Leading not managing. Empowering others to lead and not micro-managing is essential. Don’t get me wrong there is some managing, but it is leadership that enacts change in T&L.

10. Connecting the dots. Sometimes it feels as if you are spinning 10 plates. We must take time to stop and think about where we are going and why. Are we focusing on the right things?

11. Capturing great ideas. Be open to opportunities, colleagues are always coming up with them. My role is to try and make these happen, therefore taking action.

12. I say thank you a lot because people do amazing things on a daily basis. I am indebted to the great support and team. It’s only two words but it means a lot to people.

113. Leading – As Mary Myatt describes High Challenge, low threat. Giving staff the opportunity to lead is vital and if it goes wrong, it’s a collective responsibility. In actual fact it’s my responsibility.

14. Building capacity – You can’t teach every lesson or lead every department, therefore building capacity is crucial.

15. Connecting and collaboration. We held a great TeachMeet (@TMHullEY) in April and November.

16. I’m still learning. Every day is different and I’m privileged to work with a great team.

And finally, you are right @TeacherToolkit it’s the best job in the School.

It’s all about the Teaching and Learning.